About Us

Blu Dash is the product of three successful same day companies. Tried and tested to bring the best on-demand delivery service to our customers, and companies that were created based upon years of next day and same day expertise. Our founder, Mike Beegle, began his transportation career with UPS. After graduating from Eastern Kentucky University, Mike’s career in transportation management began with Roadway Package Systems and then took the leap to Next Day delivery with Airborne Express in Cincinnati. From there, Mike moved to the Airborne Express hub in Wilmington, OH.  He then found his final place at Airborne Logistics services as Traffic Manager, with the responsibility of overseeing the timed and coordinated influx of thousands shipments to the Airborne Hub along with its fleet of 109 aircraft. It was here, that Mike discovered his passion for same day expediting.

Mike founded Direct Expediting as a small courier to support same day shipments out of the Wilmington Commerce Park. Direct Expediting soon became a full service expediter, having acquired its own small fleet of box trucks and semis to support the Airborne truck hub network.

By 2007, Direct had solidified itself as an elite carrier in the Midwest for same day trucking. It was then that Mike split off the same day small package service and created Speed Courier which specialized in Same Day Nationwide service using a network of partners to provide pickup and deliveries in all 50 states. These companies moved everything from Julia Roberts’ Oscar dress to replacement parts for the Pentagon the day after after 9/11.  Additionally, these companies were at the upper tier of expedited trucking companies for delivering critical parts to automotive plants to keep assembly lines operating.  In 2009, Direct Supply Chain Services was formed as the parent company to provide warehousing and distribution of critical automotive assembly line parts and other fulfillment services.

Blu Dash is the end result of years of trial and error to arrive at the most precise delivery service available. After having provided so many services, using so many different vehicles and various processes, we have evolved into one efficient, tightly controlled service.   In addition to medical emergencies Blu Dash has carved a special niche in the equine industry, primarily catering to thoroughbreds and jumpers. As a primary expedited option for suppliers, Blu Dash is the “911”call when time is of the essence. With strategically positioned ground and air assets we can respond quickly to competition emergencies. Blu Dash also maintains various warehouse locations for larger distribution and daily delivery needs, Blu Dash is also the same day option for UPS and FedEx as well as various automotive manufacturers such as Toyota and GM.    


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